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TCS On-Line:  "Learn How To Operate Videos"!

TCS Earned Rewards Program

We have established an Earned Rewards program to encourage sponsors to assist others in registering, subscribing and using the TCS On-Line Network.

Earned Rewards: If you assist another person to become a subscriber, you will earn two (2) months free membership to the TCS Color Matching On-Line Network. We will extend your annual renewal date by two months for every member you sponsor.

So, as an existing subscriber, if you encourage and assist six (6) others a year to join the Network, your membership is virtually free.

New Member Bonus:  In addition, that person will receive a first year bonus of one (1) month by recognizing you as their sponsor. We will automatically make their first year thirteen (13) months by entering your name in the Reference field when they subscribe.

When they register through the On-Line How to Become a Member link, they should enter your name in the Reference & Sponsor field. 

Sponsors Role and Functions:  Some newer members would like to have an extra resource available if they have questions about the TCS On-Line system. As a sponsor member / user, you have operational knowledge which can help. While we answer dozens of e-mails and phone calls, it is reassuring for them to have a person they know as an extra resource.

Serve as a coach or tutor for operational issues.  We have found that the first few weeks are when new members ask questions. Then they know their way around the program and are willing to try additional functions themselves.

The best guidance is to encourage them to review the User Guides / How To links available on this page, left side. As an added bonus, you too will gain additional knowledge as you review, looking for answers to the questions you receive.

A direct page for On-Line Support is This is the standard address plus /cms (Color Match Support).

Going Forward: Make known at painting retreats, home studios – any place where artist's meet – that you are willing to help if people have questions about the TCS Color Matching System.

P.S.: Review Understanding the TCS Identifiers on pages 10 and 11 of every Sourcebook and On-Line at:    What Are They? Learn TCS ID's

Thank You for being our customer. Bobbie and Neal Pearcy

Tru-Color Systems
2 Danridge Drive.
Danville, IN 46122

Voice: 317.745.7535  


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