How the TCS® Color Matching System
and the Munsell® System are Different.

There is nothing wrong with the long established Munsell Color Notation System or the TCS Color Matching System...........they just serve different purposes.

The TCS Color Matching System is a method of classifying and identifying a “specific” color name. The TCS # identifies Color family, Hue, Clarity and Value of a “specific” color. It then places it in relationship to other “specific” color names manufactured by different companies. By providing a mix with mixing ratios, color names can be duplicated using the brand which is available to the painter.

For instance: The color name Tangerine is marketed by three different acrylic brands. However, they are different colors.

Americana’s Tangerine is a yellow orange.....YO-5-1-4
Ceramcoat’s Tangerine is more red orange....RO-5-1-6
Folk Art’s Tangerine is a yellow-orange........YO-6-1-5

So, by understanding the TCS number, a painter can determine that Americana and Folk Art Tangerine are closer in hue than Ceramcoats Tangerine which is in the Red-Orange color family.

Our purpose is not to replace teaching of the Munsell Color Order System, rather our purpose is provide a system which allows the artist more color choices via matching colors or mixes available to them regardless of the brand or the color name. The TCS On-Line System even includes a Painters Inventory module so they can be notified when they have a target color in their personal inventory. See GO TCS.NET

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