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TCS Color Matching

Tired of Chasing Color Names??

"I have not been painting very long, and suspect that a nasty "painter fairy" causes manufacturers to name colors to deliberately confuse and confound the consumer. The TCS System saves me countless hours."

Find Color Conversions....On-Line:

TCS, the Industry Standard Color Matching Solution, now offers its full color conversion system.....on-line.....always current.....always available.

This unique color match system can eliminate the frustration every painter feels when faced with colors and color names they do not recognize. View thousands of acrylic and oil color names, cross referenced by brands, and identify choices available in your personal inventory.

For just pennies a day, you can choose any color name, then match to your favorite brand instantly!  See Membership Fees Here

Get Organized!

Most painters have hundreds of paint containers but they really do not know which colors they own. In most cases, they have the identical colors in various brands with different names and duplicate paint names in an assortment of brands which are actually different colors. It's not just finding a substitute acrylic or oil color, it is learning immediately what you have available to use for any design.

Take Charge of Your Paint Inventory!

It is so much more than just color matching, it is 'taking control of your paint inventory'. This program helps you 'organize' your paints and even list them in color order by brand so you know what you have and where it is. It helps create a personal shopping list of paints you need to buy.

You can gain the benefits of this program now! .

Checks Your Personal Inventory of Colors!

The TCS System will make known substitute colors or mixes from any standard color name in different brands and each time it will tell you if you own that substitute color so you know before you begin to paint, which colors you can use.

Internet Solution to Color Conversions

Any brand to any brand seconds

  • 11,000 Oil and Acrylic colors & mixes, in 35 different brands.
  • Suggested Shade and Highlight with every color and mix.
  • Keeps track of your personal inventory with quantities.
  • Color Representation of all colors in the TCS System.
  • Instantly upgraded as new colors & brands become available.

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No matter which paints you use, there will always be references to brands and color names not available to you. Magazines and books use hundreds of color names which often must be matched to complete a design as the artist intended.

This on-line system will assist you in selecting matching colors from the most popular brands. Where a perfect match is not available a mix is provided. Each suggested mix includes the mixing ratio and a color representation of the target color.

Match Oils to Acrylics or Acrylics to Oils

Oil painters may now choose acrylic projects even though they do not recognize the color names. Look up any acrylic name and find one or more oil matches. Hundreds of familiar oil color names have matches in acrylic brands.  Acrylic painters are free to use many of the beautiful oil patterns available.

Never buy the same color in different brands again!

Decorative Painters who struggle with confusing color names can now be assured of any to any color conversions no matter the brand, oil or acrylic.

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TCS© - Industry Standard Color Match Solutions.

The same TCS # 's in different brands are always matching colors.

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TCS Color Solutions for every artist!


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